About National Security Training Academy™

NSTA Pty Ltd (RTO 32292) is an Australian Registered Training Organisation offering a range of training courses that equip graduates with the industry skills and knowledge to meet the challenging requirements of the security industry.

NSTA Pty Ltd is a national operation, which ensures that the courses we offer meet the training standards established by regulatory authorities across Australia, resulting in a Nationally Recognised Training qualification.

NSTA Pty Ltd has a number of Training Centre Locations across Australia offering an exceptional, first class training experience.

Our dedicated team of Trainers are focused on working closely with our students to encourage a positive, professional learning experience.

NSTA Pty Ltd has partnered with a number of professional industry associates which has proven to be very beneficial to our students. These associates, from various companies across Australia, attend classes and offer their invaluable first-hand knowledge, answering questions that students may have about working in the security industry and offering advice about obtaining employment, career pathways and laws and procedures.

National Security Training Academy commenced operations in February 1992 (ATO56) and has specialised in delivering quality security courses for over 28 years, (in 2013 NSTA Pty Ltd purchased K&M Harris Pty Ltd Trading as Specialised Career Solutions this division offers a diverse range of qualifications visit www.scs.edu.au for more information.

The experience gained will help to propel graduates into the workforce with the confidence in their knowledge and abilities to perform their duties to the highest standard.

Licences and Permits

We hold the following licences
Victorian Private Security Business Licence Number 908-561-31S
New South Wales Master Licence No 000105608


Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL)

Richard Franks (CEO)

Richard Franks has been at the forefront of the Australian security industry since first obtaining a security licence in 1978, and has been the CEO of a registered training organisation since 1992, and is the author of several books on aviation and general security.
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Thinking of starting your own training business? But do not want the hassle of operating a RTO well Specialised Career Solutions develop and create quality resources for training and education and manage the RTO, leaving our franchisees to do what they do best “Train”.

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